Interventional Radiology Procedures is an open-access resource that is designed to represent a preferred source for quick access learning of interventional radiology (IR). This comprehensive resource for image guided interventions is entirely internet-based and incorporates the expertise and knowledge of the authors (Interventional radiologists) with open-source web based materials. The website is focused toward education of the medical professionals with information to support the care of patients.

The website offers resources for both public and professional designates, with a specific educational component for the Radiology professional to evaluate their learning of a topic.

All article information is peer reviewed, which allows several experts in the field of IR to bring together the best available information and opinion on a topic. We do not re-create materials that are already open access and provide sufficient information on a topic, but hope to link the best of that available information and add features to allow an all-encompassing and reproducible gateway to the best sources for educational, training and patient care materials.


There are several benefits to article collaboration

  • Collaborators are acknowledged on the website, and retain authorship on the information for their own use.
  • Collaborators are invited to provide weblinks to their own institutions.
  • CME credits can be applied for the efforts of the Collaborator and Peer Reviewer.
  • Collaborators would be involved in the creation of a quick access resource for procedure review or patient care support for professionals. This would have many beneficial effects.

With the support of IR experts both locally and internationally, we hope this project will become a common foundation for education, training and patient care.